Dog Pyometra

pyometra Familypet Vet SeafordPyometra is a condition which can affect middle aged or elderly bitches. It is an infection of the womb (uterus) and if not diagnosed promptly it can have serious results. Bitches which have never had a litter seem to be more prone to it than brood bitches, but this is not always the case.



The symptoms of pyometra are:

  1.  Loss of appetite
  2.  Raised temperature
  3.   Excessive drinking
  4. · Swollen abdomen.

Frequently there is an evil smelling discharge of pus from the vagina (vulva) and the bitch seems to be constantly attractive to male dogs about a month after a season and the behaviour of other dogs will draw one’s attention to it. This is called an open pyometra.

If the womb (uterus) remains closed the pus will accumulate and the abdomen become swollen and hard. This is called a closed pyometra and more dangerous condition than where there is a discharge. An operation is needed to remove the uterus.

The operation at Familypet Vet is the same as sterilisation however the womb will be inflammed, infected and in some cases filled with pus. We will start with a bloodtest to make sure all the major organs are still functioning. On top of that the pus in your dogs body has been poisoning her from the inside out so this would make the operation more risky and she might have to go on an IV drip to flush out some of the toxins before the vet operates on your dog.

Some of the closed pyometras we have seen are a few kg in weight  so once this is out of your dogs body she will feel that much better.

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