Dog Training SA


Dog Training starts with the right puppy preschool.

At Familypet Vet in Mclaren Vale we think our puppy preschool is A MUST for all puppies. Once you get the basic dog training under control and we help you with how to care for your puppy the best way. We are here to help you in this crucial time in your puppy and your life. This is the time you can get it all right or it can all go horribly wrong.

puppy preschool Familypet VetThe statistics prove that 80% of all dogs younger then 3 that need to be euthanased at the RSPCA is due to behavioural problems. That can all be avoided by you and your family to learning how to communicate with your puppy the way it understands what you want it to do. Your puppy just wants to make you happy it just doesn’t always know what you want.

Puppy Preschool is run for you and your puppy at our Familypet Vet Mclaren Vale( Near Seaford) veterinary clinic.

The puppy preschool is tailor made for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks. This is an important developement period for your puppy. This is the time nature has intended for puppies to start exploring the world. This is the time to expose your puppy to our world. All the stimili they are exposed to in that period will be a ‘normal’ event.

You can work on some of this yourself and take them

  • on a train ride,
  • go and see some fireworks.
  • Expose them to children parties,
  • Men with load voices,
  • other dogs and puppies ( as long as they have been fully vaccinated)
  • cats and other animals.

Puppy preschool with help with that too. You can never start training too early. Just do small periods at the time. Your puppy is still a baby.

What you need to do now?

Contact Dani or Lindsay at Familypet Vet Mclaren Vale (Near Seaford) on 08 83238

Call us NOW to get your puppies spot secured at their puppy preschool.

They will only take between 4 and 6 puppies at the time and they need to be the right age.

What will you and your puppy get out of our puppy preschool?

Puppy preschool is the first step in dog training. familypet vet Mclaren Vale ( near Seaford)

This is a one hour class at our new veterinary clinic at 166 Main Road Mclaren Vale 5171.

Dani and Lindsay will hold them on different evenings after  our regular afternoon consults.

Puppy Preschool is a family affair.

We encourage you to bring your family members. Husband and kids they all will benifit getting the right information of how to interact with your new puppy in the right way.

During the 4 weeks of classes we socialise your puppy so they can interact with other people and puppies of all sizes without fear or aggression.

We are here to help you with every little hick up you may come accross and even if you have big problems we will be here to hold your hand and your puppies paw. At Familypet vet we want you both to succeed, because if you succeed we succeed. Your puppy will be a well behaved dog for years to come and when you come and see us for your dogs health check your dog will be a pleasure to deal with.


You will be expected to do short daily training sessions at home, every day each week to practise the commands you have learned that week. So you and your puppy are ready for the next commands the next week.

Remember, no longer than 3 minutes each time. Always finish with something your puppy does well.

BE PATIENT, BE CONSISTENT But the most important thing is have FUN with your puppy.