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Preventative Pet Healthcare

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Vaccinations have been one of the great triumphs in veterinary medicine. Many once common, deadly and highly infectious diseases ( Parvovirus and Distemper in Dogs and Feline Leukemia in Cats) have almost been eliminated in areas where vaccination rates are high. If you would do one thing only for your dog, cat or rabbit, then vaccination would be it.

Parasite Prevention

Responsible parasite treatment eliminates risks for your pet and people. The modern treatments we use offer an unbeatable combination of effectiveness, convenience and affordability. Choosing the right one for your pet is as easy as one-two-three with our parasite planning service.

And now you can set up online reminders or reminders on your smart phone so you never miss a dose again.

Nutritional Advice

We are what we eat, and one cannot stress enough how important the right diet is. At Familypet vet we recommend and stock the Hill’s pet food range, this is one of the pet foods we feel offers fantastic value and taste without compromising quality.

Health Assessments

Just as more and more people are getting proactive about their own healthcare, so it is with pets. Familypet Vet offer the following life stage health checkups for your pet.

  1. Puppy Health Check-ups – to make sure the new member of your family gets off to the best start possible. Lots of changes occur in their first year. They grow rapidly and need different food every few weeks to adjust to their growth rate. They change all their baby teeth in adult teeth, Their coat changes. Then there is the desexing. Our Nurses and Vets at Familypet Vet will be there every step of the way to help and guide you. We offer puppy preschool for 4 weeks in the first few weeks they are in your life.
  2. Annual Health Check-ups (1 til 6Years old)

We recommend your pet sees the vet at least once every year. They will need vaccination every year and we can keep an eye on their progress as they mature and settle into a normal routine in your house. We need to stay on top of their weight, Teeth health, any behavioral issues that might creep up and anything else that might concern you.

  1. Senior Health Check-ups (From 7 years)

Kidney disease, arthritis and dental problems are only some of the conditions that can affect a pet as it ages. At Familypet Vet when your pet turns 7 we offer a full health check plus blood and urine tests to spot problems early. This is all part of our full service we provide for your pet.

Breeding Services

For responsible breeders we can offer a variety of options:

  • Premate testing – to help time your visit to the stud dog better.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis – blood tests, ultrasound and Xray is used.
  • Kennel Club Hip and Elbow Scores.
  • 24/7 emergency service in case a Caesarian section is required.
  • Whelping/Kittening advice.

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