We provide consultations for illness, routine health checks, vaccinations, Senior Care, behaviour concerns, alternative therapies and much more.


Your pet’s health will benefit from being desexed, and if you want to know “why?”, then feel free to phone us and we will be more than happy to discuss the exact reasons why we believe in desexing for your pet.


We have a fully equipped laboratory. This allows us to perform routine blood tests in house when appropriate. We also examine smears, swabs and needle aspirates using our microscope. We culture hair and skin to diagnose dermatophyte (Ringworm) infections. Any further more involved tests will need to be send to a specialised laboratory.


All dogs and cats are required to receive vaccinations to help keep them healthy and stimulate their immune system. If their body gets exposed to the disease, the vaccination will help fight the dangerous viruses in their system. Vaccinations start when your pet is at least six to eight weeks of age. During the initial pet visit, we will discuss the appropriate routine vaccination schedule for your pet.


When your pet gets lost it causes a lot of heartache. To have them microchipped gives you the best chance of getting reunited with them fast.
We have the appropriate qualifications and accreditations for microchip implantation.

Oral Health Care

Implementing oral health care is an important part of owning a pet. The impact of clean teeth and a disease free mouth in their overall health is not well known by the general public . As part of the dental exam, your pet will have their teeth checked along with their wellness exam and routine vaccinations. We will also give you tips and advice on taking proper care of your pet’s teeth.

A pet may also be prone to certain dental problems throughout the course of their life from their early stages through their senior years. This also holds true for specific breeds that are predisposed to various dental issues throughout their lives.

Surgical Care

We take pride in our pristine on-site facilities and vast array of surgical equipment. This helps us to perform surgical and orthopaedic procedures in a clean and sterile environment. To ensure that your pet is ready for an anaesthetic to be administered, we perform a thorough clinical evaluation first. We even advise pre-anaesthetic tests for your pet to verify there aren’t any hidden problems, and the organs are functioning properly.

The correct anaesthetic medicines are given to your pet based on their individual needs and surgical procedure. This keeps risk to a minimum and offers them the best pain relief. Whilst the vet is performing the surgical procedure, a conscientious veterinary nurse is assisting the vet and monitoring your pet’s progress at all times. We have the latest technology to help monitor your pet’s vitals and maintenance throughout the entire operation.

The surgical tools we provide are at the highest level of those that you would find in a human hospital. We even have surgical specialists on hand if a need for their area of expertise arises.

Puppy Behaviour Classes

Puppy Preschool is a unique four week training experience for your puppy and you, the owner. It teaches them proper socialisation, and it provides them with the proper skills and tools needed for raising a healthy and happy pup.

Socialising your puppy is an invaluable lesson at the early stages, and it will help them to develop into a well-behaved and jubilant adult dog. Some of the important techniques include socialisation with people and children, toys, interaction near their food bowls and important behaviours around a vet and groomer.

This is also an insightful experience for you, the owner, and it will teach invaluable information on obedience training, puppy toilet training and advice on health, nutrition and disease prevention. We encourage you, the pet owner to get involved and ask questions.

Classes are held in the waiting room of our facility. Please contact the surgery for dates and times. The classes go on for four consecutive weeks, and last one hour. The puppy classes are geared for the pups in between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks of age. All participants must be up to date on their vaccinations.

The classes include puppy playtime interaction, wellness and behaviour guidance and training tips. So that you will have something to refer back to, all of the information is written out for you.,Our classes are all instructed by one of our Experienced Vet Nurses at our facility. This way you are receiving expert and knowledgeable advice on how to properly take care of your pet


Our aim is to take care of your pet as best we can according to your instructions and to keep you informed as to their progress.

All pets undergoing any form of anaesthesia will have a complete physical examination so that their health status may be determined. A pre-anaesthetic blood test may be carried out and intra-venous fluids may be administered. With the proper use of safe, efficient and modern anaesthetic equipment and drugs, the possibility of an untoward anaesthetic reaction is unlikely.

Your pet needs to be in the best of health before submitting it to elective anaesthesia and surgery. This means that its vaccination status must be Up to date, nutrition adequate and worms and fleas controlled. Remember that an obese patient may be an anaesthetic risk.

Do not offer food in any form for 12 hours before anaesthesia. This means no breakfast on the day of admission. We recommend that you keep your pet indoors the night before admission.
Communication works best if you elect one person to handle all communications regarding a hospitalised pet to eliminate unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding.


X-rays can be a valuable source of information in providing information about your pet.
Whilst we all think of bones and joints on an x-ray, the truth is that we just as frequently use x-rays for exquisite detail about lungs, heart, liver, intestine and teeth (and many other reasons aside).

We have a powerful x-ray machine that will x-ray any size pets (we have x-rayed mice and tiny bats right up to the largest of dogs) and get great detail.